The Lounge UK creates safe spaces with a unique ambience for black women to express, share, grow and support each other in understanding new learning and practical steps we can take to sustain our communities and the challenges we face in everyday life.

Our mental health, emotional well-being, sexual health, and relationships matter.

Not to be missed; The Lounge Live Show!

The Lounge Live Talk Show provides a warm and welcoming ambience, with a drinks reception, live entertainment, raffle giveaways and goody bags that relate to every woman. Laughter is a must, share if you choose and eat and drink if you want, but most of all, take something away that will impact someone’s life.

Be In The Room!

Head to our gallery and see all the fun and laughter we have in spaces that bring out the best in us.

When we come together, we are phenomenal!

Unique Spaces

Our live shows are hosted in unique and luxurious spaces because that is what you deserve.  We work with venue providers and caterers to ensure all your dietary and social needs are met and clearly understood. 

Would you like to promote your service and product with The Lounge UK?

At The Lounge UK, we champion and promote services and products that are designed and sold with black women in mind. It's also a great way to showcase what you do and who you are through our Ambassadors and live event.

Click to find out how you can get involved.

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