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Real Conversation

Designed with black women in mind 

Intergenerational Learning

Come As You Are


The Lounge UK has supported 417 women and men in obtaining an authentic sense of liberation from role patterns, domination and oppression, empowered through intergenerational education, skills and knowledge of how to identify issues, where to access services and how to interrupt recurring issues. 

Research suggests that 80% of black people cannot talk about their experiences with mental health and 75% of child sexual abuse are female victims. The lack of cultural relevance in representation and access to services, products and information perpetuates the tendencies of black women and girls to underplay the gravity of their problems or recognise a problem, seeking help later in life when the challenge is more severe or too late. 

Our main income streams include event and workshop tickets, investment and sponsorship from local businesses, and promotion and marketing of local businesses and organisations. We value kind donations of products, service provision for participants and reduced costing of venue hire, photography and videography for live show promotions.


I loved the event! It was informative, comfortable and provided learning through edutainment, professional advice and peer experience. 

— Rochelle 

Great night out, totally enjoyed it to the maximum with other like-minded women. Very nice venue. 

— Marsha 

A good event where we discussed many issues that Afro-Caribbeans see as taboo that even my daughter felt she needed to know about. Really nice food. 

— Diane