How It All Started

The Lounge UK was introduced to this wild concept called "Shoop"; honestly, it's taken us a hot minute to get our heads around it. As a training and development service for Black Women, we always seek new and innovative ideas to bring out the best in women who join our spaces.

We would never have thought that "Shooping" would be something we grew to value. In line with mental health awareness training, The Shoopery provides an authentic professional learning experience for vulnerable and courageous conversations, insightful, fresh thinking and tools for practice through a light-hearted and dynamic series of activities.

Enhance your skills, practice and mental health awareness with family, friends and peers.

You have to be in the room for this one!

Bringing Out The Best In You!

Permission To Breath, Together!

"I don’t want to get in that box you want to put me in, I will bring all of me"

"I am not going to apologise for who I am, I do what I feel is the right thing to do in the moment and then I let it go"