Working Together Is How We Create Change!

The Lounge UK is all about coming together to support each other's well-being as matriarchies in the black community. 

As a team of dedicated volunteers and businesswomen, we bring about a dynamic approach to changing black women's social and economic practices through our business and social networks. 

We identify talent and support individuals in accessing new paying clients and volunteering opportunities whilst building their network. We have worked with over 35 black female-owned businesses and organisations in line with our mission statement. 

Events and workshops promote culturally relevant products, services, and local businesses. This has become our most effective and efficient means of access to appropriate services and products for our audiences. We conduct our research for publication, data verbalisation and knowledge exchange through peer education. Our impact and insight inform school communities and health authorities on the necessary SRE dissemination and improvements needed for the well-being qualities of our children, ourselves and all those we as women love and serve.

Dr Shardia Briscoe-Palmer

Dr Shardia Briscoe-Palmer is a Member of the Board (MoB) and Secretary for The Lounge UK. She is an Assistant Professor in Sociology at the University of Nottingham and has a research interest in the politics of intersections of race and gender. Shardia has over 16 years of working with the community supporting initiatives that place black women, young people, and marginalised groups at the center of action research and development. Outside of work, you will find Shardia in the kitchen cooking up a feast for her family or baking scrumptious desserts. 

Michelle Nicely

Michelle Nicely was a member and an Ambassador for The Lounge UK before taking on the role of Chair Director. She is a Trainer, Coach and Business Development Consultant for large Corporate Enterprises and SMEs and is very passionate about facilitating workshops for individual Personal Development and Career goals. Michelle also provides Serviced Accommodation and Emergency Social Housing within the community. During her leisure time, Michelle enjoys attending Live Music Events, Theatre and Comedy and most of all, spending quality time with friends and family.

Michelle Thompson

Michelle Thompson is the CEO and Co-founder of The Lounge UK. She is a reflective practitioner with a PGCert in Organisational Development and Change and a Bachelor of Philosophy in Community Youth and Play Studies. Michelle enjoys designing action learning programmes for the benefit of wellbeing in social learning spaces with groups and individuals and working with female black-led businesses and organisations that focus on women's wellbeing. During her leisure time, Michelle enjoys walking on the beach, parks, netball, music and watercolour art, time with family and friends and solitude.